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CNSI Anniversary

March 9, 2022


Council on National Security and Immigration

As the Council on National Security and Immigration celebrates its first year, we remain committed to upholding our mission of fighting for better immigration policies that will strengthen our international relationships, improve the United States’ image abroad, and support opportunities for immigrants seeking a better life.

To address 21st-century security challenges, we must continue working with our allies, policymakers, and the public to construct a robust immigration system that respects the rule of law. In doing so, we will always seek out the best solutions that prioritize the safety of the American people, honor our humanitarian traditions, advance our national interests, and ensure the U.S.’s global competitive edge.

We are fortunate to have the enduring dedication from a coalition of some of America’s pre-eminent national security leaders who have committed themselves to excellence in service. These 21 experts include a former member of Congress, a member of the United States Army, and former members of the Department of Homeland Security, the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), United States Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and U.S. National Central Bureau Interpol. Because of their knowledge and expertise, CNSI has emerged as a force for change on pressing matters at the intersection of national security, foreign policy, and immigration that impact the lives of immigrants and native-born Americans alike.

We continue to advocate for smart, bipartisan immigration legislation according to our founding principles, which remain the bedrock of our mission. CNSI works every day to ensure the United States:

  1. Directs resources toward pressing 21st-century threats and proactively address vulnerabilities in our outdated immigration system

  2. Implements robust and efficient screening and vetting, as well as effective border security measures

  3. Prioritizes immigration policies and administrative structures that strengthen our economy and advance our national security posture

  4. Strengthens our global relationships and emphasize cooperation and vital information-sharing with foreign partners

  5. Demonstrates humanitarian leadership by welcoming the most vulnerable migrants in accordance with our domestic laws and international obligations and encourage other countries to do the same

Over the past year, while working to strengthen our national security and economic interests, CNSI  has taken a leading role and is working tirelessly to push for reforms that make us more competitive, smart vetting of those entering our nation, and the resettlement of Afghan refugees. We continue to urge our elected leaders to reject the divisive rhetoric and, instead, pursue constructive, bipartisan compromise where it matters most. Soon after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, CNSI was quick to push for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Ukrainians in the U.S., which the Biden administration granted a week later.

Most recently, CNSI has joined the Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus (ANIC), a diverse group of leaders from the faith, business, agriculture, education, and national security communities, as well as advocates from across the political spectrum working to advance bipartisan legislative solutions on immigration reform and border security during the 117th Congress. Read the Alliance’s letter to Congress here.

Despite what we see happening globally, we have much to celebrate and even more to look toward to. Recently, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State issued new directives providing high-skilled immigrants with greater opportunities to access STEM visas, which undoubtedly will attract more university students and expand research opportunities within academia and the private sector. CNSI and its leaders applauded this development and will continue to advocate for greater access and newer opportunities for international talent. You can read more in-depth about the need for high-skilled immigration here in the United States and how imperative it is to ensure we remain competitive on the global stage.

Much work lies ahead, and we are hopeful that Congress and the administration will continue seeking out bold, bipartisan solutions on immigration. As we have seen, the events that continue to unfold in Afghanistan demand greater attention. Despite emergency funding that temporarily helped with the resettlement of refugees, more must be done — and we continue to call on Congress to swiftly pass the Afghan Adjustment Act. We will continue to offer our services as a resource for state, local, and national leaders as we resettle allies and vulnerable Afghans with open arms.

Since its inception, CNSI has grown in size, scope, and influence. We are proud to continue our vital work and our progress thus far. Rest assured, as we enter into our second year, we are as committed as ever to continuing the fight for commonsense immigration policies that protect our national security and live up to our shared values.

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