Randy Beardsworth

Former U.S Department of Homeland Security

Randy Beardsworth is a General Partner at Hivers and Strivers Fund II and serves as board member for the Hivers and Strivers Investment Funds. Hivers and Strivers invests exclusively in exceptional entrepreneurs with a military background.

Beardsworth had a full career in the U.S. Coast Guard and a second career in the Department of Homeland Security. He now consults only on projects that interest him and where he believes he can add value. He brings over 30 years of strategic, policy, and operational experience, with expertise in maritime security, maritime domain awareness, border and transportation security, law enforcement, and immigration policy. In his capacity as CEO of Catalyst Maritime, he manages select client’s interactions with government agencies and lends his expertise as a subject matter expert on interesting projects.

Beardsworth’s operational background includes command of four Coast Guard Cutters and Chief of Coast Guard Law Enforcement for the Southeast U. S. and Caribbean.

Beardsworth’s Policy career began as a National Security Fellow at the Kennedy School at Harvard University. He was also a fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He has served on the National Security Council staff under three presidents, primarily as Director of Defense Policy with a portfolio that included ocean issues. Beardsworth served as Chief Operating Officer for the Border and Transportation Security Directorate when the Department of Homeland Security first stood up. He later served as Acting Under Secretary of the Directorate. He also served as Assistant Secretary for Strategic Plans at the Department of Homeland Security, where he created a long-range vision for DHS and also oversaw DHS’s counterterrorism strategic planning