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National Security Leaders Weigh In before Presidential Debate

June 27, 2024

Press Release


CONTACT: Roberto Estrada

Washington — With President Biden and former President Trump set to face off tonight during the first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle, Council on National Security and Immigration leaders released the following statement:

“As the election cycle heats up, we expect immigration to be a focal point during tonight’s debate. A record number of apprehensions at the southern border, impeachment proceedings, and the recent executive orders have dominated the news cycles and have elevated this issue to the top of voters' minds. Our nation's future national and economic security are dependent on addressing immigration-related challenges and opportunities in a timely manner.

“Tonight, candidates should address the challenges at our southern border, including security concerns, in a serious way within the context of a more comprehensive vision for fixing these broken immigration and border security systems. We need a solutions-focused conversation on screening and vetting arriving migrants and making border processes more secure and orderly. Shortcomings at the border not only jeopardize national security but also undermine public trust in our immigration system. We also need a discussion on policies that have garnered bipartisan support both in and outside of Congress, such as a way for Dreamers to earn permanent legal status and eventual citizenship, increasing high-skilled visas, and enacting the Afghan Adjustment Act. These policies can produce the kinds of results that will keep America prosperous and secure while also continuing our nation as a beacon of light for good people who want to be part of America's positive future.

“Inaction from Congress on immigration contributes to our current challenges. A more secure America requires bipartisan cooperation on long-term border and immigration solutions. Earlier in the year, CNSI released policy recommendations that we believe should serve as the foundation for the ongoing and future border negotiations.”

Council on National Security and Immigration leaders are available to comment before and after the debate. Contact Roberto Estrada.


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