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National Security Leaders: The Southern Border Needs Legislative Solutions — Not Impeachment Proceedings

January 10, 2024

Press Release

January 10, 2024

CONTACT: Roberto Estrada

Washington — Council on National Security and Immigration (CNSI) leaders today released a statement reiterating opposition to the impeachment of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and calling for legislative solutions to the ongoing border crisis.

"While the crisis at the U.S. southern border persists, assigning blame solely to Secretary Mayorkas based on political, partisan, and policy disagreements will not get us closer to implementing effective solutions to secure our border and alleviate the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

“Impeaching Secretary Mayorkas would go against century-old norms and establish a dangerous precedent, with no actual effect on the underlying issues that have led us to the current situation. By misdirecting their efforts and leaving a vacancy at the top of the Department of Homeland Security, Congress would signal vulnerability to the international community, further jeopardizing our national security.

“In order to tackle the border crisis, it is imperative for Republicans and Democrats to collaborate on genuine and impactful reforms. The ongoing supplemental funding discussion provides a great opportunity to move the needle and enact legislative policies that will have a tangible effect on our southern border and national security.

“Earlier this month, CNSI released policy recommendations that we believe should serve as the foundation for the ongoing border negotiations. We urge Congress to exert their energy on solutions that will secure our border, treat migrants with dignity, and alleviate the existing processing backlogs."


Leaders of CNSI speak and act solely in their individual capacities, and their views should not be attributed to any organization with which they are affiliated.

About CNSI: The Council on National Security and Immigration is a group of American national security leaders who believe immigration reforms are imperative to bolster and maintain the United States’ global leadership in the 21st century. Find out more here:

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