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National Security Leaders: Impeaching Secretary Mayorkas Would Harm America’s Security

November 13, 2023

Press Release


CONTACT: Anna Nix Kumar

Washington — Council on National Security and Immigration (CNSI) leaders today released a statement opposing the impeachment of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas:

“While the U.S. southern border is in crisis, pinning the blame on the Secretary Mayorkas due to political and partisan differences will do nothing to secure it.

“Congress has not impeached a cabinet secretary in more than a century, and doing so threatens to harm national security. Impeaching Secretary Mayorkas would set a dangerous precedent and only distract from advancing meaningful policy solutions needed to fix the immigration system and bolster America’s national security. It will display vulnerability to the rest of the world, further putting our national security at risk.

“For more than two decades, Democratic and Republican administrations alike have struggled to demonstrate control over the southern border. A partisan impeachment over policy differences would not solve these longstanding challenges and would only further polarize an already overly partisan issue.

“Republicans and Democrats must work together to develop real and meaningful changes to rein in the crisis at the border, with the current funding debate a possible vehicle for negotiations. Legislation, including proper funding, must replace the patchwork of outdated policies our system currently relies upon. We urge Congress to put forward policy solutions that strengthen our border, treat migrants with dignity, and reduce current processing backlogs.”


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