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National Security Leader Praises Congressional Border Policy Negotiations Seeking Sensible Reforms

November 30, 2023

Press Release


CONTACT: Anna Nix Kumar

Washington — Council on National Security and Immigration (CNSI) leader Scott Boylan today released a statement praising reports of bipartisan border security negotiations related to the proposed supplemental funding bill that would provide aid to Israel and Ukraine, and other national security priorities.

“As Congress considers important national security funding priorities, we welcome a conversation on needed border security reforms. It has been clear for well over a decade that our immigration system is broken,” said Scott Boylan. “We are encouraged by the reports of Republican and Democratic Senators attempting to reach agreement to provide sensible immigration reforms and help ensure our border is safe and secure.

“Congress should consider policies that modernize border security technology, provide ports of entry with additional screening and security mechanisms, and streamline and improve asylum processes to better identify and prioritize meritorious claims. Congress also should take the opportunity to codify permanent protection for two particularly deserving populations: Dreamers and evacuees from Afghanistan.

“It is not often lawmakers get the opportunity to properly address immigration policy issues. The current moment provides an opportunity to achieve substantive improvement in the middle ground of the immigration debate. Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration should lean into a compromise that will change the trajectory of decades of policy neglect and strengthen our national security.”


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