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National Security Leader Applauds Policy Update Protecting Documented Dreamers

February 16, 2023

Press Release


CONTACT: Anna Nix Kumar

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Council on National Security and Immigration (CNSI) leader Lynden Melmed today released a statement supporting the Biden Administration’s policy update that protects some Documented Dreamers from aging out of status at 21 while their parents’ green card applications are pending. These individuals, commonly known as Documented Dreamers, are more than 200,000 children who came to the United States as dependents of their parents' visas. However, if their parents are unable to obtain a green card before the children turn 21, they "age out" of their dependency status.

“It is promising to see the Administration support and enact a common-sense immigration policy that allows U.S.-raised high-skilled immigrants the ability to remain in the country while their parents’ green card applications are being processed, and not age out of the system,” said Lynden Melmed.  

“Allowing these individuals to continue living in the U.S. bolsters our national security and helps ensure we retain high-skilled immigrants who embody the American spirit. These individuals have entered the U.S. legally. Separating them from their families due to immigration backlogs would send the wrong messages to future immigrants who have the skills necessary to fill currently vacant advanced STEM jobs. We should continue to open our doors to these immigrants and their families, allowing them to positively contribute to our society, as opposed to choosing another country that might not align with our values.  

“The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the issue of Documented Dreamers last year. I encourage Congress to continue its work on this important issue to provide a long-term solution, and ensure a strong and secure America.”


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