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Council on National Security and Immigration Statement on Title 42

May 11, 2022

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jill Jackson

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Using Title 42’s public health authorities was never meant to be a long-term border management solution. The hopeful waning of the pandemic means that the U.S. government needs to evolve its response as well.

While litigation may delay the end of Title 42 for now, CNSI leaders urge the Biden administration to accelerate plans to manage the short-term needs of migrants and to implement the proposed reforms to our asylum case management system to adjudicate all claims accurately and efficiently. Both will require significant increases of new funds, and we urge Congress to provide DHS and other agencies the resources necessary to handle this evolving border situation.

As bipartisan leaders from both parties have urged for years, Congress must build and improve more legal pathways for U.S. workers in a wide range of industries. While certainly there are many meritorious asylum claims being made at our southern border, the economic reality of our economy is going to draw migrants in search of open jobs and a better standard of living. By encouraging repeat attempts to cross the border without penalty, Title 42 has only resulted in high rates of recidivism.  

Title 42 was never meant to be the backbone of our immigration laws, and Congress needs to do much more than just demand that this stop-gap measure be our border policy. We need long-term border solutions that balance both national security and the dignity of migrants seeking asylum and opportunities.


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