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Buzz Jacobs

Former White House Homeland/
National Security Council

Buzz Jacobs is a Harvard-educated strategist, investor, and mentor with a strong track record of success in business, politics, marketing, and public affairs. His vast experience includes stints at The White House and critical roles in major presidential campaigns, demonstrating his ability to strategize and execute at the highest levels of leadership.


Buzz served as the Director of Immigration Security Policy on The White House Homeland/National Security Council staff (HSC/NSC) under President George W. Bush, where he played an important role in shaping one of the President's top initiatives - securing the U.S. Border and reforming the immigration system. 


He played a leading role in coordinating the deployment of thousands of National Guard troops to the Southwest U.S. Border and negotiated the security aspects of the trilateral Security and Prosperity Partnership with Canada and Mexico, which was announced by President Bush, the President of Mexico, and Prime Minister of Canada.

Additionally, while at The White House, Buzz worked on numerous other classified and unclassified initiatives to counter terrorism, enhance security along U.S. borders, strengthen immigration enforcement, and protect the United States transportation system.


On the presidential campaign trail, Buzz served as Senator John McCain’s Southeast U.S. Regional Campaign Manager and as a Senior Advisor to Senator Marco Rubio. As a senior staff member, Buzz managed sizable teams and led key efforts to help the campaigns achieve critical goals.


A big-picture visionary, Buzz has a knack for driving action and achieving results. His entrepreneurial journey includes bootstrapping companies and delivering top-tier services to prominent figures in both the political and business arenas. 


Buzz recently co-founded a company aimed at revolutionizing allergy testing and treatment, further showcasing his commitment to innovation and efficiency. His demonstrated ability to identify opportunities and drive change aligns well with forward-thinking companies seeking board members to help shape their strategic direction.


He is also a skilled communicator, having written and produced numerous successful advertisements and earned media strategies. His counsel is frequently sought after by those navigating the complexities of campaigns, politics, and public affairs. Buzz played an important role in helping Lt. General Jack Bergman (Ret.) become the highest-ranking veteran to ever serve in the United States House of Representatives. He continues to advise the General’s campaign.


Buzz holds a Master in Public Policy Degree from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Alabama, further solidifying his expertise.

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